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Hey, I'm Debbie Mckinzie

I'm thrilled to have you here. Whether I'm sharing my faith in God, telling stories, or traveling the world, my ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate you to embrace the abundant blessings that God has in store for your life.


A little about me

Hello! I'm Debbie, the author of the inspiring book, "Property of the King." My journey to this point has been nothing short of transformative. It all began on a momentous Easter Sunday morning in 2017. It was then that I had a profound realization of who Jesus truly was and the immeasurable impact of His sacrifice on my life. Embracing this revelation, I wholeheartedly surrendered my life to Him, setting me on a path of purpose and deep faith.

With over 30 years of experience as a cosmetologist, working alongside my husband and best friend, John, I have had the privilege of connecting with countless individuals and witnessing the power of transformation, both outward and inward. As God worked in my life, a strong desire to help women grow deeper in their faith and develop a closer relationship with God was birthed within me.

In my free time, I find joy in creative pursuits. Whether it's creating hairstyles, crafting beautiful beaded jewelry, knitting, or writing captivating stories, I cherish every opportunity to express my creativity, no matter the canvas.

Nature holds a special place in my heart, and I find solace and restoration amidst its beauty. From leisurely walks to exhilarating skiing and invigorating runs through the woods, I revel in the wonders of the great outdoors.


My dream is to embark on a journey with John and our beloved dog, Leos, traveling across the U.S. and meeting incredible people along the way. We aspire to share our experiences, stories, and encounters, spreading inspiration and hope to all who cross our paths.

Equipped with a Biblical Counseling Certificate from Light University, I highly value the work of God and the Holy Spirit in guiding and speaking through me. Witnessing the life-changing moment when someone embraces faith in Jesus Christ brings me immense joy, and my heart's delight is to empower women  to lead more fulfilling lives with God at their center.

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